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WestJet Reports Operational Results for 2006

Achieved top-five North American status in three key measures: on-time
performance, completion and baggage handling

CALGARY, Feb. 9 /CNW/ - WestJet (TSX:WJA) today announced its operational
performance measures for 2006.
WestJet ranked among the top-five airlines, for the year ending December
31, 2006, in the three key operational performance measures for the industry.
This is based on results of 20 airlines in the U.S. that report operational
performance. On-time performance, completion rates and baggage performance are
important criteria for the public to consider when deciding which air carrier
to fly.

December 2006 Rank Year End 2006 Rank
On-time Performance(1) 82.1% 3 81.7% 2
Completion Rate(1) 99.5% 2 99.5% 2
Baggage Handling(1) 5.30/1000 guests 4 4.64/1000 guests 4

"This is a significant achievement for WestJet," said Ken McKenzie,
Executive Vice-President, Operations. "For on-time performance, WestJet ranked
second following only Hawaiian who does not operate within the sometimes harsh
Canadian climate. The efforts of all WestJetters contribute to our outstanding
results and we thank them for their drive and determination to deliver these
results while maintaining safety as a top priority. What I find equally
impressive, is that we are able to achieve these results while maintaining our
reputation as one of the friendliest and caring airlines operating today."
Mr. McKenzie added, "Our 63 Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft are on
average only 2.5 years old, which also helps us achieve our performance
(1) Performance measures are calculated in accordance with definitions
set out by the U.S. Department of Transportation. On-time performance is
defined as the percentage of flights arriving within 15 minutes of their
scheduled arrival time. Completion rate is the percentage of flights that were
not cancelled and completed their routing. Baggage handling is measured as the
number of bags per 1,000 guests that do not arrive with the individual upon
arrival at their destination.

WestJet is Canada's leading low-fare airline offering scheduled service
throughout its 35-city North American and Caribbean network. Named Canada's
most admired corporate culture in 2006, WestJet pioneered low-cost high-value
flying in Canada. With increased legroom and leather seats on its modern fleet
of Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft, and live seatback television provided
by Bell ExpressVu on the majority of its fleet, WestJet strives to be the
number one choice for travellers.