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WestJet Holiday Travel Tips

CALGARY, Dec. 15 /CNW/ - WestJet (TSX:WJA) today issued its top 10
holiday travel tips to ensure its guests enjoy a smooth travel experience this
special time of year.
"December is one of the busiest months for air travel" says Bob Cummings,
Executive VP Guest Experience and Marketing. "In true WestJet spirit, we want
to our guests to start the holiday season off right and these tips can help
make their flights stress-free."

WestJet's Top 10 Tips for Holiday Travel:

1) Check your flight

Airports are busy this time of year so double check that your flight is
leaving on time before you leave home. Up-to-date flight information is
available through WestJet Flight Tracker feature on Guests can
use this feature to check on the most current WestJet arrivals and departures.

2) Arrive Early!

Determine your home-to-airport travel arrangements ahead of time. Reserve
your taxi or airport limo at least 24 hours in advance as these services
book-up fast and are always busy during the holiday season. Valet parking may
be delayed and airport parking could be near full so make time to park.
WestJet recommends guests arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours prior
to flight time due to the high volume of holiday travellers and heightened
security requirements. Guests must be at the departure gate a minimum of 30
minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. Guests arriving at the gate
less than ten minutes prior scheduled departure time, risks losing their
reserved seat.

3) Choose the check-in option that is right for you!

WestJet offers three check-in options for your convenience;

- Web check-in! You can check-in up to 24 hours prior to your flight
(domestic flights only) using our web check-in feature at Pick your seat and print your boarding pass at home!
Remember to drop your baggage at the WestJet Bag Drop when you arrive
at the airport.

- Self serve kiosks are available at most domestic airports (domestic
flights only). These allow you to check-in, pick your seats and print
your boarding pass on your own! Once again, if you have baggage to
check, drop them at the WestJet Bag Drop counter.

- Airport check-in. If you prefer to check-in traditionally, or need to
speak to a Customer Service Agent, guests can always visit a friendly
WestJetter at the check-in counter.

4) Pack properly

All wrapped presents should go in checked baggage. Security will unwrap
any wrapped items in carry-on baggage, causing delays at security for you and
your fellow guests. Fragile and valuable items should be packed appropriately
as WestJet is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to these
items. We recommend bringing these items in the carry-on allowance whenever
possible. Anything fragile that must travel in checked baggage should be
packed appropriately and tagged 'fragile' at the airport.

5) Tag your bags!

Make sure your bags are clearly tagged and that there are no loose straps
etc. WestJet allows two pieces of check-baggage per guest at 60lbs per piece.
Any additional pieces (up to two) can be loaded on a space-available basis;
however they are subject to a $75 excess baggage fee. Pack all essentials in
your first two checked pieces as there is no guarantee that there will be room
for additional baggage. Any overweight or oversized items will be charged a
$40 fee. Sporting equipment such as skis and snowboards are considered to be
part of the checked baggage allowance of two pieces.

6) Beware of carry-on restrictions

Since most holiday flights are filled to capacity, carry-on size and
weight regulations are strictly enforced. Also, make sure you are aware of
Transport Canada's restrictions for carry-on contents.
WestJet accepts two pieces of carry-on per guest at 22lbs each. Transport
Canada will allow the following items in carry-on baggage:

- Liquids, gels and aerosols through security screening at Canadian
airports provided that the items are packaged in containers with a
capacity of 100 ml/100 grams/3.4 oz or less. The containers must fit
comfortably in one clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag (such as
a Ziploc) with a capacity of no more than 1 litre (7" x 8" or 6" x
9"). One bag per guest will be permitted.

- Prescription medicine with a name that matches the guest's ticket,
insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines will continue
to be permitted.

- Baby formula, baby food and milk, when guests are travelling with a
child aged two years or under, as well as prescription medicine and
essential non-prescription medicines are exempt from the container
size restrictions and are not required to be placed in a plastic bag.
However, all such items not in a bag or in containers over 100 ml/100
grams/3.4 oz. must be declared to screening authorities.

7) Plan for your pets

Only, leak-proof soft-sided kennels designed for airline travel are
accepted in the cabin. Duffle bags, gym bags, other non-kennels, or hard-sided
kennels cannot be accepted. The animal must be fully enclosed in the kennel.
Kennels taken in cabin must be able to fit under the seat in front of you and
your pet must remain in the kennel at all times. With the amount of excess
baggage that guests typically take over the holiday period, the cargo holds
are full and do not provide a safe and comfortable environment for pets. Our
holiday pet embargo for animals in checked baggage runs from December 15 to
January 7 inclusive; however, cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds may be able to
travel in the cabin of the aircraft (except flights to Hawaii).

8) Bring games and toys for kids

Make sure to pack some small games or toys for the little ones traveling
this holiday. A long trip will pass much quicker with some entertainment.
Remember that WestJet now offers live seatback television provided by Bell
ExpressVu on the majority of its fleet.

9) Make sure to stay hydrated!

The aircraft cabin can be very dry, make sure to drink lots of water
during your flight. WestJet offer complimentary refreshments plus a
buy-on-board service with a variety of snacks and beverages to purchase.

10) Share a holiday joke with the in-flight staff!

WestJetters are always looking for new material! If you have an
appropriate holiday joke that makes you laugh every time, feel free to share
it on board and help us spread festive cheer!
For more details on holiday travel please visit