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WestJet revives office furniture on Earth Day
Canada NewsWire
    Airline donates furniture to worthy charities through Green Solution's
    Revive™ program

CALGARY, April 22 /CNW/ - WestJet and Green Solutions celebrated Earth Day today by delivering some of WestJet's office furniture to the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Since WestJetters started moving into their new Campus Building in northeast Calgary in February, WestJet has been able to give furniture from its other buildings new life through Green Solutions' Revive™ program which aims to keep landfills free of unnecessary waste and provide relief to deserving organizations.

So far, close to 54 metric tonnes of product have been processed, with 85 per cent being diverted from landfills through donations to worthy organizations, or through recycling of product using best environmental practice.

"It's great to be able to combine social, environmental and fiscal responsibility into one act," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Culture and Communications. "When we decided to bring all our office WestJetters together under one roof, it was important to us to keep unnecessary waste from landfills and to find deserving new homes for our office furniture."

"We are very impressed by WestJet's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated Campus Building and delighted they chose to do the right thing and engage in the Revive program, which repurposes all redundant assets to deserving and worthwhile organizations giving our planet relief from landfill and helping those who need it most, when moving. We wish all WestJetters good luck in their new home," said Jim Reid, CEO Green Solutions North America Inc.

    Following are a few of the deserving organizations that have benefited
from WestJet office furnishings:

    - Missing Children Society           - Goodwill Industries of Alberta
      of Canada                          - Kirby Centre
    - Canadian National Institute        - Calgary Catholic School District
      for the Blind                      - Coalition for Equal Access to
    - Boys and Girls Club of Canada        Education
    - Youville Women's Residence         - Church Hill Family Park
    - Pro Bono Law Society               - Hope Street Outreach Centre
    - Mothers Against Drunk Driving      - Servants Anonymous Society of
    - Metro Church Calgary                 Calgary
    - Victory Bible College              - Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre
    - Calgary Alternative Support        - Ambrose University College
      Services                           - Ever Increasing Ministries
    - Alex Community Health Centre       - Sudanese Education Centre

For more information about other concrete environmental steps WestJet has taken both on the ground and in the air, please visit the Environment section of located under the About Us menu.

About WestJet

WestJet is Canada's leading high-value low-cost airline offering scheduled service throughout its 55-city North American and Caribbean network. Named one of Canada's most admired corporate cultures in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, WestJet pioneered low-cost flying in Canada. WestJet offers increased legroom, leather seats and live seatback television provided by Bell TV on its modern fleet of 79 Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft. With future confirmed deliveries for an additional 42 aircraft, bringing its fleet to 121 by 2013, WestJet strives to be the number one choice for travellers.

About Green Solutions

Green Solutions North America Inc. (GSNAI) is an organization that provides Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions. Through its innovative program - Revive™ - affordably relieves companies of no longer needed facility assets (furniture, supplies, equipment), avoids traditional landfill destinations by redistributing those assets to schools, non-profits and health facilities that are in need of additional resources to conduct their work.

Green Solutions Charitable Trust is a fully registered charitable organization. Revive™ is able to take items that have been retrieved from client's offices and donate them to non-profits, schools, health care facilities and other deserving and needy organizations locally, nationally and internationally. Revive™ assumes title to the agreed upon merchandise and is solely responsible for all related actions and claims, the title of these assets is transferred to the beneficiaries.