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Obama's Oahu: The exclusive guide to travelling like the new President in his idyllic backyard. Eat at his favourite spots, surf at his favourite beaches and check out where Barack Obama spent his childhood and teenaged years- all this and much more in th

CALGARY, Dec. 1 /CNW/ - The new President of the United States is also a
proud Hawaiian local. Check out up! magazine's exclusive Barack Obama
itinerary and add some hope and change to your next Oahu vacation.
It could very well have been the most successful Hawaiian vacation ever.
As the presumptive Democratic nominee, weeks before his memorable acceptance
speech at the Denver convention that sold out a football stadium, Barack Obama
returned to his hometown of Honolulu in August for a weeklong vacation with
his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters. The purpose was simple: to see
some of Oahu's most popular tourist attractions, visit his boyhood haunts and
rest up for a gruelling three-month brawl for the White House. He went on to
ride the Pacific swell as deftly as his victorious presidential campaign.
Here's how to vacation like the leader of the free world and still keep it
real like a local-an impressive accomplishment no matter what colour your
"I'm pretty sure this exclusive cover story will be the go-to guide for a
new type of tourism: the Bara-cation, whereby inspired political junkies
explore the land that inspired one of the world's most popular politicians,"
says up! editor Tom Gierasimczuk. "That it happens to be in one of the most
beautiful spots on the planet can only help."
In another equally timely investigation, we present the tourist's guide
to Vancouver's gritty Downtown East Side and profile the historic
neighbourhood's struggle against voracious pre-Olympic development. The
story's featured photographs were taken by neighbourhood residents as part of
a local photo contest and offer a rare glimpse into one of Canada's
least-understood places.
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